The Art & Gold of being a Woman

Oct 29
6 times
€ 550.00

How would it feel if being a woman would become an ongoing source of inspiration? 

This course is designed for women to explore and get in touch with their femme gold & femininity.

This is the course where being too much becomes being full and complete. 

Where being vulnerable as powerful is being welcomed. 

In this course you will learn to tune in and to be connected to your womb as your inner oracle.

Explore yourself physically, emotionally and mindfully as a woman. 

Be part of a healing & supportive sisterhood. 

We will work with 19 tools and practices, collected by your teacher Rosalie from all over the world during her own years of journeying deeply into her femmehood. 

You may expect to explore create & build a solid foundation for the relationship to your body, your womb & being a woman through: sharings, emotional release, balance & processing tools, several yoni practices, breast massage, female sexuality, heart womb-connection, womb-meditation, womb-dance on a specially made set from womb-tech queen Alma Omega, cycle awareness and more.

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Dates and times

Day 1
Fri, october 29, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+2
Day 2
Fri, november 5, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+1
Day 3
Fri, november 19, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+1
Day 4
Fri, november 26, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+1
Day 5
Fri, december 3, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+1
Day 6
Sun, december 12, 2021 • 19:00 — 21:30 GMT+1


Roots & Wings

Room: Roots & Wings

Van Ostadestraat 197 H

1073 TM Amsterdam

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Your teacher


Rosalie Stange


Rosalie enjoys life in it’s most honorable way.  She works as a multidimensional therapist, an urban shaman, a healer, she is an oracle pur sang, highly intuitive and a loving force of nature. She combines channeling or energy work with bodywork & massage in 1-on-1 sessions. Implementing voice & breathwork, plant & aromatherapy, trauma release & bodywork. She also teaches Womb Consciousness; a way to reconnect women to their femme essence; their body, their energy, their way of walking their talk. 

She is on a mission to connect people to their body’s and from that home to bring out and live their Gold. To live fully present, and follow their path of grace, with clarity and understanding our human journey. On her path, she reconnected with her femininity in such a way that it highly serves her. She wishes to encourage & inspire other femme beings to open up to their essential selves as well. To their beauty, potential and truth. Her path led her to embrace her humanness fully; to land in this body, on this special planet, & connecting essence to essence. She believes we are here to inspire each other; to follow our personal path back & into ourselves. 

Like a rose finding its essence in its centre & only when we stop to smell, she unleashes upon us her full beauty. 

The Art & Gold of being a Woman

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