Intuition Retreat - Awaken your hidden powers

Nov 27
2 times
€ 555.00

This training is about connecting with your innate intuitive capacities, so that you can access your inner source of wisdom and knowledge. You will learn to make decisions that are beneficial for you and that are in alignment with what feels true to you.

During this training you will strengthen the connection you have with yourself and with your senses. You will also practice perceiving beyond the physical senses, so that you learn to receive guidance from a higher source.

The training days consist of a combination of: theory about intuition development, physical practices (like yoga and Qi-boosting exercises), visualization, and meditation for entering deep states of consciousness. We use special music with frequencies that help reach alternate brainwave states and deep levels of awareness.

In this training it’s all about the experience, while being connected to the heart and the whole. It’s possible to transform subconscious beliefs that are limiting you in your progress, and we will provide you with the hands-on tools to do that. This makes it easier to co-create your life your way.

Dates and times

Day 1
Sat, november 27, 2021 • 10:00 — 17:00 GMT+1
Day 2
Sun, november 28, 2021 • 10:00 — 17:00 GMT+1


Roots & Wings

Room: Roots & Wings

Van Ostadestraat 197 H

1073 TM Amsterdam

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Your teacher

Anneke & Alissa


Where Anneke and Alissa are, is 'presence' en 'pleasure'. They are enthusiastic, loving persons with a strong capacity to teach and hold a safe space for being and exploring yourself. Anneke and Alissa want to support others in maintaining their own innate openness, wisdom and intuition so that they can shape their lives relying on their feelings.

Anneke van Bokhoven offers therapeutic tantric massages, bodycoaching and facilitates group classes like yoga, breathwork, and women’s circles. She will invite you to observe what you feel, your boundaries, your possibilities, your blockages in the here and now, listen to them, learn to act on them, to release and to receive. Experience and honoring her boundaries and opening her consciousness has become a Way of Life.

Alissa van Slooten is an intuitive life coach and a trainer for intuition development. She is specialised in teaching how to receive information through extra sensory perception. Alissa is also a mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher for children. It is Alissa's passion to combine what she has learned and to guide people in a natural and personally attuned way. So that they can reconnect to their own inner source of wisdom and the unique qualities of their authentic selves.